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(Editor’s Note: From pearl, metallic flake and candy-colored paint to modified small-blocks, big-blocks and flathead V-8s, the proud owners of custom cars are opening up their throttles and bursting forth with their classic build stories. Join us as we get down to the nuts and bolts of these builds and tell the stories of car builders worldwide — finding smiles and unforgettable memories behind the blood, sweat and tears. If you have a custom with a great story and would like to be considered for our “What Drives You” series, contact Tara Hurlin at

The garage is a place where boys become men; it’s where many learn to cuss, spit and siphon gas, and it’s where they learn how to keep their cars on the road all by themselves. A large chunk of Krash Vegas’ childhood was spent in the garage with his dad, who grew up in the era when the 1932 Ford was —and still is to many — the crown jewel of hot rods. On the other hand, being from a different time, Krash still believes that a Hemi Road Runner is king, and every car he ever drew as a kid had the number 43 on the door.

“My dad is the one responsible — or to blame — for my car addiction. He is the whole reason I ever learned anything about cars,” Krash said. “Dad would always say, ‘If you’re going to own it, you better know how to fix it.’ That is how it worked at our house.” Krash recalls spending weekends at home due to a broken-down car on more than one occasion.

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