New storage system designed to ‘deck’ out your pickup
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If you want to maximize the utility of your pickup truck, there’s a new product that can nearly double it.

Decked is an innovative new in-bed drawer system that also provides a flat load floor with a 2,000-pound cargo capacity. Built from steel-reinforced high-density polyethylene, the American-made product features two waterproof roller drawers that can each hold up to 200 pounds.

Standing twelve-inches high, its deck sits above the wheel wells and is custom shaped to fit flush against the bedsides of the several half-ton pickups it is currently available for, along with a couple of heavy duty models. Eight-foot beds can’t be accommodated yet, but it is available in most standard bed lengths.

The whole shebang weighs just 200 pounds and the price is $975-$995, depending on the model.

It takes about two-hours to install and you can purchase it direct from the company or through its network of dealers, which can also provide installation for an additional fee.

Decked product manager, Jake Peters, says it’s suitable for both commercial and recreational use, and that a number of accessories, including drawer dividers and tie-down racks, are available to further tailor it to your needs. It also comes with a standard built-in bottle opener, in case you were wondering about its tailgate party cred.

While it’s not the first in-bed drawer system, Decked’s affordable price coupled with a floor capacity that exceeds the payload rating of many half-ton trucks stacks the deck in its favor and definitely makes it worth a look.

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