Ford revives Escort name for compact concept

Published April 22, 2013

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Ford is hoping to get lucky in China with its new Escort Concept.

The four-door compact revives a model name that was once used on the best-selling car in the world, and the brand’s all-time second most popular name behind the F-Series pickup.

The very striking and cleanly-styled sedan is built on a stretched version of platform from the Ford Focus, the model that replaced the Escort about a decade ago.

Designed to be roomier and more affordable than the latest Focus, which is arguably the current best-selling car in the world, the Escort features a more upright roofline and a look Ford says is meant to be stylish, but not arrogant or pretentious.

Nevertheless, its complex “jeweled” headlights are said to be inspired by the Chinese character for the number 8, which is considered lucky in the country as a portent of wealth.

Americans who like the look may not be so fortunate, however, as the car was specifically designed for the Chinese market and is unlikely to be sold here.

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