Rough Country

Chevy’s Special Operations Silverado is ready to razzle dazzle



Chevy is building a camouflaged truck that’s going to be tough to miss.

The Special Operations Silverado was designed as a tribute to the U.S. Military’s special forces, particularly the Navy SEALs.

It’s painted in a nautical “razzle dazzle” pattern that was originally developed to help ships hide on the high seas, even though this truck is more about the dirty kind of off-roading.

Based on the 2016 Silverado 1500 Z71, the concept version of the truck that was recently unveiled features a sport bar with LED lights, more lights in the grille, blacked-out bowtie emblems, wheel arch flares and unique rocker guards.

Inside, it gets waterproof upholstery and floor liners, camo trim on the dash and doors, and bright orange pulls for the door and glove box releases like the levers used for military aircraft ejector seats — just to make sure it has the whole Sea, Air, and Land motif covered.

Final specifications are yet to come, but a limited edition version of the Special Operations Silverado will be in showrooms next year with a portion of the profits earmarked to support the Navy SEAL museum in Ft. Pierce, Florida.


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