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Chevy Spark EV priced at $27,495

Published May 23, 2013

The electric car price wars are in full swing.

Chevrolet has announced that its upcoming Spark EV will be available for a three-year, $199 per month lease with $999 down, which matches Chrysler/Fiat’s deal for the battery-powered 500e.

The Spark will only be sold in California and Oregon when in launches in June, where it will retail for $27,495 before state and federal tax credits are deducted. With $10,000 in total incentives available to California customers, that means they can drive out of the showroom for just $17,495.

Even though Oregon doesn’t offer the same $2,500 state tax credit as its neighbor to the south, a GM spokesperson confirms that the same lease price will be available there.

The Spark EV has an EPA rated range of 82 miles per charge, and is the most energy efficient car ever sold, delivering a combined fuel economy equivalent to 119 mpg. The smaller, California-only Fiat has a range of 87 miles and rating of 116 mpg.

Large automakers like General Motors and Chrysler are required by law to sell a minimum number of zero emissions vehicles in California, which is why they are focusing their efforts there. Oregon, particularly the city of Portland, is one of the states on the forefront of developing public car charging networks, making it one of the strongest markets for battery-powered vehicles.

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