High Performance

McLaren 570S delivers high performance at a (slightly) lower price

Published March 31, 2015 FoxNews.com Facebook10 Twitter1 livefyre3 Email Print  (McLaren) Think of it as trickle-down economics for sports car fans that really don’t need that sort of thing. The McLaren 570S is the supercar company’s new entry-level sports car, a mid-engine rocket with the Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8 set directly in its […]


Honda unveils $184,000 motorcycle

Published June 12, 2015 FoxNews.com Facebook367 Twitter141 livefyre Email Print  (Honda) Next Exotic cars finally have some real competition in the toys for rich girls and boys department. Honda has introduced a street-legal racing bike that goes on sale in July for the eye-popping price of $184,000. The RC213V-S is based on Honda’s MotoGP championship […]


Five of the coolest Corvettes that never made it to production

Published June 07, 2015 FoxNews.com Facebook115 Twitter121 livefyre11 Email Print Since its introduction, the Corvette has been the object of the dreams of stylists and engineers. Numerous seemingly viable concepts have been pitched yet never produced. Here are five of our favorite Corvettes that never made the leap onto the showroom floor: 1. Aerovette GM The […]


Ferrari planning return of the Dino

Published June 05, 2015 FoxNews.com Facebook188 Twitter101 livefyre15 Email Print  (iStock) Ferrari is planning to resurrect the legendary Dino name after four decades. “It’s not a matter of if, but when,” company chairman Sergio Marchionne tellsAutocar. Dino was launched in 1968 as a sub-brand of the Italian automaker, and was used on the V6 and […]


The five most striking classic cars ever

Published May 31, 2015 Hagerty Facebook134 Twitter111 Email Print Hagerty Next The adjective “striking” cuts a fine line between gorgeous and simply arresting. While the cars on our list might in some cases be among the most beautiful (in a conventionally pretty way), more often, they combine those good looks with an attention-grabbing and unconventional […]

High Performance

America’s PSC Motors announces plans for 1,700-horsepower hybrid supercar

By Viknesh Vijayenthiran Published May 29, 2015 High Gear Media Facebook128 Twitter315 Email Print  (PSC Motors) Despite the challenges of designing and building the world’s next great supercar, there’s no shortage of ambitious startups promising new models to take on the best offerings from established firms such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren. Some have been […]