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New Ford Ranger pickup revealed

Published March 23, 2015 Ford has a new pickup, and it’s not the F-150. A redesigned Ranger midsize truck was revealed today at the Bangkok Auto Show. The updated crew cab now features the Ford family’s hexagonal grille, an updated interior design that looks more like a crossover’s than a commercial truck’s and a […]


Vintage Lamborghinis are among the most valuable vintage cars on the planet

By Rob Sass Published March 29, 2015 Hagerty Facebook Twitter Email 1974 Lamborghini Espada (Hagerty) When it comes to car collecting, few can resist the allure of an Italian exotic. Lamborghini is the newest of the Italian exotic marques (dating back to 1963), and while the Miura has been a blue chip collectible for quite some […]

High Performance

NYC’s 290 mph supercar to be revealed at New York International Auto Show

By Gary Gastelu Published March 23, 2015 Facebook78 Twitter80 livefyre63 Email Print  (Lyons Motor Car) Ford, Honda, Audi… The 2015 New York International Auto Show will feature all of the brands you’d expect to be there — plus one you’ve likely never heard of. Just after Toyota’s press conference on April 2, New York […]


Honda’s Bulldog citybike concept is a bruiser with storage to spare

By Bill Roberson Published March 24, 2015  (Honda) Next When it comes to motorcycles, Honda is best known for its stunning top-tier sport bikes, winning dirt machines and cool classics. But, lately, it’s been testing the waters with a spate of unusual citybikes, namely the Grom mininike-on-steroidsand the cult-y Ruckus city scoots. Now, a big […]

Rough Country

Jeep takes a ride through its history with Wrangler concepts

Published March 19, 2015 Jeep has taken the wraps off of the batch of concept Wranglers it’s bringing to its annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, this year, and they’re like a tribute album filled with some of the brand’s greatest hits. The first goes way back to the beginning. The Jeep Staff […]


Five cars you should have bought five years ago

By Rob Sass Published March 13, 2015 Hagerty Like the Dow, the classic car market woke up from its recession-induced hibernation around 2011-12. But five years ago, it was a different story. If you had picked up a few of the following cars then, you’d likely be sitting on a tidier return than your 401K, […]


New’ 1964 1/2 Ford Mustangs revved up and ready for sale

By Gary GasteluPublished March 13, The original Ford Mustang is a half-century old, but now you can buy a brand new one. Florida startup Revology is selling a picture perfect clone of the first-generation pony car that’s been updated with modern mechanicals. The company was started by Tom Scarpello, former marketing chief for Ford’s […]

High Performance

1,500 hp Koenigsegg Regera hits 249 mph in first (and only) gear

Published March 03, 2015 Facebook484 Twitter149 livefyre33 Email Print The Koenigsegg Regera is the latest supercar from the small, Swedish brand, and its specifications will blow your mind as easily as the car can blow you away. The two-seat, mid-motor, carbon fiber machine, whose name means “to reign” in Swedish, features a unique plug-in […]


Herbie The Love Bug” sold for $32,100

Published March 07, 2015 Facebook661 Twitter75 livefyre30 Email Print  (racingbug53) The world’s most famous water “bug” has surfaced on Ebay. One of the Volkswagen Beetles built for the “Herbie the Love Bug” movie franchise was sold Thursday on the auction site for $32,100. It was featured in the 1980 film “Herbie Goes Bananas” and […]