5 secrets of the Chevrolet El Camino

By Rob Sass Published October 25, 2013 Hagerty HAGERTY Lately, Chevy has been in the business of either resurrecting or actually doing justice to nameplates of the past (see the new Impala, SS and Camaro).  Still in the wilderness, however, is the much-loved El Camino. Part car, part pickup, hope springs eternal that it might make […]

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McLaren P1 performance stats revealed

Published October 21, 2013 MCLAREN McLaren has delivered the first of its $1.15 million P1 supercars to its lucky and presumably wealthy customer, and has finally pulled back the curtain on its performance figures to coincide with the event. According to the automaker, the 903 hp carbon fiber coupe can accelerate to 60 mph […]

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Veneno Roadster

Lamborghini apparently had such a tough time selling the three $3.9 million Veneno supercars it built this year that it’s building nine more, chopping their tops off and selling them for $5.3 million. The bonkers Veneno Roadster is powered by a 740 hp V12, has a 220 mph top speed and that’s with the roof open, because it doesn’t come […]


3 killer classic car investments

By Rob Sass Published October 17, 2013 Hagerty When discussing killings made in the market, the classic story seems to be that hypothetical person who invested $10,000 and bought 5,000 shares of Apple stock in 1985 for $2.00 a share, and held it for nearly 30 years, and watched that initial investment balloon to $6 million […]


5 of the oddest Ford Motor Company designs

By Rob Sass Published October 11, 2013 Hagerty Multi-national Ford Motor Company has — regardless of market — charted a fairly conservative path through the years. Unlike dedicated eccentrics SAAB, Citroën and even American Motors, it has produced few cars that could be fairly characterized as weird, but here are five from Ford (and its Lincoln […]


The Works Electric Rover is one serious scooter

By Nick Mokey Published October 14, 2013 Digital Trends Next SlidePrevious Slide Brad Baker’s workshop looks less like the cluttered den of a crazed mechanical genius and more like an operating room. Recessed lighting beams down on a surgically clean desk in the middle. Screwdrivers and wrenches lie spaced out evenly like scalpels and forceps, at […]